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Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust is a British medical research charity dedicated to the curing of childhood and adult brain tumours.[1]

This has now been rebranded as The Brain Tumour Charity an has a number of publicly available drives such as HeadStart campaign, which aims to improve diagnosis and recognition of Brain Tumours.

All the research projects it supports are peer reviewed by scientists and clinicians within the UK and overseas. Research funded by the Trust has already resulted in a number of published papers and improvements in the treatment of some brain tumour types.[citation needed] It is hoped that armed with advancing knowledge scientists and clinicians will learn more about brain tumours, their cause, diagnosis and treatment, so that one day a cure may be found.

In addition to research the Trust also provides vital patient support to those with a brain tumour diagnosis and their carers. Over the years the Trust has received a large number[specify] of letters from grateful patients and carers for the help they have been provided during a very difficult period in their lives.


The charity was started by Neil and Angela Dickson who lost their daughter, Samantha, to a brain tumour when she was just 16 years old. They had become aware of the lack of properly funded research into this cancer and were determined to try and remedy the situation. The Charity was first registered in early 1997 - number 1060627.

Since 1996 over £4 million[when?] has been raised by the charity with a large number of research projects being funded.

The Trust was formerly known as Samantha Dickson Research Trust but changed its name in July 2006.


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