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For the British model and singer, see Samantha Fox.
Samantha Fox
Born (1951-12-03) December 3, 1951 (age 63)
New York, New York, U.S.
No. of adult films 98 (+ 29 compilations - per IAFD)

Samantha Fox (born December 3, 1951) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. She appeared in more than 100 pornographic films between 1977 and 1984.[citation needed] In 2003, she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.[1]

She was indicted in Utah in 1985 as part of a "dial-a-porn" phone sex operation by federal prosecutors.[2][3] The charges were dismissed later the same year with the judge saying the government was "simply in the wrong forum", indicating that "neither the good intentions of the U.S. Attorney's Office nor my pronouncements can do what the Congress should do".[4]


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