Samar-class offshore patrol vessel

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Class overview
Name: Samar-class patrol vessel
Builders: Goa Shipyard Limited
Indian Coast Guard Ensign
Indian Coast Guard
Active: 5
General characteristics
Class & type: Samar Class
Type: Offshore Patrol Vessel
Displacement: 2,300 tons
Length: 105 metres (344 ft)[1]
Beam: 12.9 metres (42 ft)
Draught: 4.9 metres (16 ft)
Installed power: 8,000 horsepower (6,000 kW)[1]
Speed: 25 kn (46 km/h)[1]
Range: 6,500 nmi (12,000 km)[1]
Endurance: 60 days
Armament: 76mm OTO Melara dual-purpose gun[1]
Aircraft carried: 1xDhruv Advanced Light Helicopter

Samar class of offshore patrol vessels are series of five ships built by Goa Shipyard Limited, Vasco da Gama, Goa for the Indian Coast Guard.[2]


The construction of vessels was ordered in April 1990 and these ships are half-sisters to seven Sukanya class patrol vessel units in the Indian Navy. A total of twelve were originally planned and then cut to six. The vessels are intended for offshore patrol duties for the protection of oil platforms and the Indian exclusive economic zone.


The vessels in this Class are 102 meters long with a beam of 11.6 meters. They are powered by two Kirloskar-SEMT-Pielstick diesels engines (8000-hp) driving two propellers and have a range 7000 nm at cruising speed of 15 knots. The Samar class ships feature an Integrated Bridge System (IBS), Integrated Machinery Control System (IMCS), high power External Fire Fighting System, two Indian-built 30mm gun mounts and one 76mm OTO Melara dual-purpose gun. Besides, the ships are provided with a BEL-made onboard day/night infrared surveillance system to detect elusive targets which can evade radar detection due to their small Radar cross-section (RCS) or higher sea state.[1]


Each ship carries a single Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), with dedicated hangar and flight deck, and five high speed boats. The vessels also have towing capacity for salvage and Inmarsat satellite communications. They have accommodation for a crew of 12 officers and 112 enlisted sailors. Additional accommodation has also been provided for passengers.[2]

List of ships[edit]

Ships of the class
Name Pennant Number Date of launch Date of commission
ICGS Samar 42 1995 14-Feb-96
ICGS Sangram 43 1996 29-Mar-97
ICGS Sarang 44 1998 21-Jun-99
ICGS Sagar 45 2003 03-Nov-03
ICGS Sankalp 46 20-May-08
ICGS Samrat 47 21-Jan-09[3]


  • Displacement : 1765 tonnes
  • Length : 101.95 meter
  • Beam : 11.6 meter
  • Draught : 3.5 meter
  • Speed : 22 Knots
  • Armament : 76mm OTO Melara SuperRapid DP; 2 single 7.62 mm MG
  • Aircraft carried: 1xDhruv Advanced Light Helicopter
  • Radar : BEL 1xDecca 1245 for navigation; BEL 1xDecca 2459 for surface search TACAN; BEL FT13-s/m
  • E/O ; BEL make-1 Radance System 2400 optronic and surveillance
  • Power : 2 Kirloskar-SEMT-Pielstick 16 PA V280 diesels
  • Propulsion : 2* propeller, 12800 bhp
  • Electric : 560 kW (2*200 kW, 1*160 kW: 415 V 3-phase AC)
  • Range : 7000 nm at 15 kts
  • Crew : 12 officers and 112 enlisted (extra accommodation for a total 145)

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