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Samara Time (SAMT) is the time zone 4 hours ahead of UTC (UTC+4) and 1 hour ahead of Moscow Time (MSK+1). Samara Time is used in Samara Oblast and Udmurtia

Until a reform on 28 March 2010, Samara time was UTC+4 in winter and Samara Summer Time (SAMST) was UTC+5 in summer. From that date, Samara time was abolished with the two regions effectively joining Moscow Summer Time.[1][2] In March 2014, Moscow time was moved forward to UTC+4 year-round, and Samara time was reinstated on 26 October 2014, when Moscow time moved back one hour to UTC+3 year-round and Samara Oblast and Udmurtia remained on UTC+4.


  • Standard Time Zone: UTC+4
  • Daylight Save Time rule: + 1 hour
  • Actual time zone: UTC+5
  • Time zone abbreviation: SAMST

The Daylight Save Time rule runs from the last Sunday in March at 02:00 AM to the last Sunday in October at 03:00 AM, each year.


  • Latitude: 53° 1' North
  • Longitude: 50° 15' East


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