Samborombón Bay

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Samborombón Bay is the C-shaped bay near the southern end of the Río de la Plata estuary. In this satellite image floods on the Paraná River have pushed brown, sediment-laden water into Samborombón Bay. The Salado River is visible, emptying into the center of Samborombón Bay's coast.

Samborombón Bay (Spanish: Bahía de Samborombón[1]) is a bay of Argentina, located at the Río de la Plata's mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 160 kilometres (99 mi) southeast of Buenos Aires. The bay is about 135 kilometres (84 mi) long and stretches from Point Piedras (Punta Piedras) in the north to Point Norte, starting point of Cape San Antonio.

The bay receives the Salado and Samborombón rivers, as well as other minor streams.


Coordinates: 36°0′S 57°12′W / 36.000°S 57.200°W / -36.000; -57.200