Same-sex marriage in Santa Catarina

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Recognition of same-sex unions in South America
  Same-sex marriage
  Other type of partnership
  Unrecognized or unknown
  Same-sex marriage banned
  Same-sex sexual activity illegal

Legal status of
same-sex relationships
Previously performed and still valid
  1. Can be registered also in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
  2. Licensed in some counties in Kansas but same-sex marriage is not recognized by the state
  3. Only legal in St. Louis, Missouri
  4. When performed in Mexican states that have legalized same-sex marriage
  5. Only if married in Michigan when same-sex marriage was legal

*Not yet in effect

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Same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Santa Catarina on April 29, 2013, when state's General Magistrate of Justice (Corregedoria Geral de Justiça) ruled that all notaries statewide are obligated to issue marriage licences for same-sex couples.[1][2]