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Sameh A. Habeeb (or Sameh Akram Habeeb) is a journalist and Business management expert based in the UK. He worked as a reporter and news producer in the Middle East.

In 2007, Sameh started to intensify his media work as the siege became tougher in Gaza. He launched his widely[citation needed] read blog, Gaza Today, the Untold Story, late in 2007. Between 2007 and 2008 he published tens of articles, photo stories, and features, and blogged on a daily basis. The same year, he started to take photos in Gaza that only focused on humanitarian conditions. His photos were shown on Sky News[1] and published internationally. In April 2008, Habeeb carried out a speaking tour across Italy, lecturing at 25 meetings in universities, colleges and city councils, to speak about the conditions in Gaza.[citation needed]

During the Gaza war in winter 2009, he was often the only source of news, as Israel had banned international reporting from inside the strip.[citation needed] He reported for a number of media outlets like the Real News, INN World Report and others, and was a contributing reporter for BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, ABC, CBC, CNN, Real News and tens of other media outlets on an hourly basis.[citation needed] Working under terrible conditions during the war, he worked as a field reporter with Netwerk TV of the Netherlands as well as the Vandakh, where he did various reports about the war, which were nominated to film festivals in the Netherlands in 2010.[citation needed]

On daily basis for the 23 days of the War on Gaza, Habeeb sent dispatches via his blog about the war for all media outlets.[citation needed] His reporting put him in focus, and the Israeli army threatened him many times, saying they would kill him if he didn’t stop reporting.[citation needed] PBS studied Mr. Habeeb’s work and drew a comparison between Israeli media and Palestinian media.Template:Http://

In March 2009, Habeeb left Gaza for the UK, where he founded the first Palestinian newspaper to operate from Gaza,[citation needed] the Palestine Telegraph Newspaper. The Palestine Telegraph exposed many important issues regarding Israeli occupation, ranging from the use of Depleted Uranium in Gaza.[citation needed] The newspaper covers Palestinian news on daily basis.[citation needed] Habeeb is currently studying for his Masters degree in the UK, and he is a regular guest as a political analyst on Middle East issues on Press TV, BBC and others. In 2009 and 2010 he carried out more than 150 workshops, meetings and conferences across the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, France and Australia, where he conducted lectures about Media on Palestine and the recent humanitarian conditions in Gaza.[citation needed] He has also worked with many European and British MPs in regard to the Palestine-Israel problem and has spoken repeatedly at British parliament.[citation needed]