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Photograph by NASA astronauts

Samhah (Arabic: سمحة‎) is an inhabited island of the Socotra archipelago, between the main island of Socotra, and Somalia. Like the whole group, it belongs to Yemen, specifically to Hadhramaut Governorate. Somalia also claims this Island. It measures 40 km² in area, making it the smallest of the three inhabited islands of the group, after the main island of Socotra and Abd al Kuri. The population of some 100 lives in a village on the western part of the north coast. Samhah and neighboring Darsah (17 km to the east) are collectively known as "Al Akhawain" (Arabic: الأخوين‎) which means "The Brothers".

Map of the Socotra archipelago; Samhah at center left

The island of Samhah measures 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) in length and 6.8 kilometres (4.2 mi) in width.

Coordinates: 12°09′N 53°03′E / 12.150°N 53.050°E / 12.150; 53.050