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Pronunciation /sæˈmrə/
Gender Female
Meaning Arabic: entertaining companion
Sanskrit: gust of wind or a cool gentle breeze on a hot summer day
Unknown: Wisdom
Other names
Related names Samantha, Sameera, Semra

Samira (also spelled Sameera, Arabic: سميرة‎, Samīrah, Sanskrit: समीर, Persian: سميرا‎) is the female version of the male name Samir. The name "Samira" has its known origins in Arabic and Sanskrit.

The spelling of the Sanskrit-derived name can change depending on the language, as in the Bengali version Somira. Similarly, variants of the Arabic-derived name can have different spellings, as in the Turkish Semra and Bosnian Semira and Samra.

In Sri Lanka the name Semeera is used for males and females.

Given name[edit]