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Pronunciation /sæˈmrə/
Gender Female
Meaning Arabic: entertaining companion
Sanskrit: gust of wind or a cool gentle breeze on a hot summer day
Unknown: Wisdom
Other names
Related names Samantha, Sameera, Semra

Samira (also spelled Sameera, Arabic: سميرة‎, Samīrah, Sanskrit: समीर, Persian: سميرا‎) is the female version of the male name Samir. The name "Samira" has its known origins in Arabic and Sanskrit. It is a name of Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is also known as 'Sameerudu' (the name given to him while he was carrying the Sanjeevani mountain) from which the name 'Sameera' is said to be derived.

The spelling of the Sanskrit-derived name can change depending on the language, as in the Bengali version Somira. Similarly, variants of the Arabic-derived name can have different spellings, as in the Turkish Semra and Bosnian Semira and Samra.

In Sri Lanka the name Semeera is used for males and females.

Given name[edit]