Samkhyapravachana Sutra

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The Samkhyapravachana Sutra (Sanskrit: सांख्यप्रवचन सूत्र Sāṁkhyapravacana Sūtra) is a Sanskrit text ascribed to the sage Kapila, according to tradition. It describes the philosophical approach of the Samkhya school of cosmology both at the level of the universe and the individual. This text consists of 6 chapters and 526 sūtras. It is generally dated to the 14th century CE. The most important commentary on the text is Vijñānabhikṣu’s Sāṁkhyapravacanabhāṣya (16th century). Other important commentaries on this text include Anirruddha’s Kāpilasāṁkhyapravacanasūtravṛtti (15th century), Mahādeva’s Sāṁkhyapravacanasūtravṛttisāra (c. 1600) and Nāgeśa’s Laghusāṁkhyasūtravṛtti.[1]


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