Samre language

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Not to be confused with Somray language.
Central Chong
Native to Cambodia
Region Pursat Province
Extinct (date missing)[1]
  • Pearic
    • Chong languages
      • Samre
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sxm
Glottolog samr1245[2]

Samre, or Central Chong, is a nearly extinct Pearic language of Cambodia. Although there are no monoglots, as of 1991 there were about 200 speakers in Cambodia and, according to a 1998 survey, there were 20-30 speakers across the border in Thailand.[3] The dialects are as follows:[4]

  • Samre of Pursat
  • Samre (Pornsawan Ploykaew 2001)
  • Chong (Baradat ms.)
  • Chong of Trat (Pannetier ms., Isarangura 1935)
  • Kasong (Noppawan Thongkham 2003)


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