Samriddhi Foundation

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Formation 2013
Founder Vibhuti Kumar Thakur
Type Non-profit organisation based in Nepal
Focus Education, Health
Headquarters Siddharthnagar-9, Rupandehi, Bhairahawa, Nepal

Samriddhi Foundation is an independent Non-profit organization based in Bhairahawa, Nepal. It was founded in 2013. Samriddhi foundation is active for social transformation, wherein the marginalized sections of community are socially, economically and politically empowered to lead life of security, dignity, and prosperity. Samriddhi Foundation is working in various fields which directly or indirectly effects society in short span as well as in long run.

Samriddhi works intensively with students of deprived section on its belief in the philosophy that sustainable development remains incomplete without dynamic participation of students.

Samriddhi believes, ‘While part of our nation lives in the late 20th century, another part is still living in the medieval age and no nation can progress much beyond the national average’. To get more science & technology effort channelized to developing the under-developed regions and sections of society, Samriddhi is extending scientific methodology through education to under privileged sections of society, in a way so that it is absorbed into the culture. This is being done through Advanced Knowledge and Rural Technology Implementation (EDU-SMART) Program.[1][2][3][4][5]

EDU-SMART Program[6] of Samriddhi is a steering model bringing forward the guiding principle – ‘What is the prerequisite of comprehensive rural development! And how to attain this goal!’.


An ideal society aspired by sustainable development, possessed by freedom, equity and justice, characterized by self-reliance, reverence, solidarity and vitality. Focusing all sections of society Samriddhi Foundation is trying to provide a way for all to live dignified and prosperous life.


To work for building the organizations of deprived masses, supporting their struggles for sustainable socio-economic development through participation in planning and implementation of development process and influencing the policies for transparent, responsive and responsible governance.


1. To provide society with alternative remedies for current education system which is much more effective and practical in nature.

2. To provide medical facilities to under privileged section of society.

3. To educate, train and empower our society.

4. To develop skill training centers for providing sustainable development and employment with different type of training to peoples.


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