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For the institution abbreviated SAMSI, see Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Samsi (also Shamsi) was an Arab queen who reigned in the 8th century BCE. As an ally of Rakhianu of Damascus, she fought the Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III in 732 BCE.[1] According to the Assyrian records, Samsi took part in a rebellion, however "Tiglath-Pileser defeated Samsi in the neighbourhood of Mount Sa-qu-ur-ri, killed many of her men, and took a great deal of booty."[2] Israel Eph'al notes the Assyrian records claim she "fled for her life 'like a wild she-ass' to the desert. At this point she apparently decided to surrender to Tiglath-Pileser, and paid tribute."[2] "Samsi remained queen after surrendering to Tiglath Pileser, but a qēpu was appointed over her by the king of Assyria."[3] Samsi's predecessor was Zabibe, and her successor Yatie.


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