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Samsung C&T Corporation
Samseong Mulsan
Traded as KRX: 000830
Industry Construction
Trading company
Founded 1938
Founder Lee Byung-chul
Headquarters Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Chi Hun Choi, President & CEO (Engineering & Construction Group)
Shin Kim, President & CEO (Trading & Investment Group)
Revenue Increase US$ 27.40 billion (2013)[1]
Increase US$ 0.23 billion (2013)[1]
Total assets Increase US$ 22.7 billion (2012)[1]
Total equity Increase US$ 10.2 billion (2012)[1]
Number of employees
10,467 (4,691 working outside of South Korea) 2012[2]
Parent Samsung Group

Samsung C&T Corporation (C&T = Construction&Trading) (formerly Samsung Corporation) (Korean: 삼성물산), established in 1938, is the original company of the Samsung Group and currently consists of the Engineering & Construction Group and the Trading & Investment Group. The company was renamed from Samsung Corporation to Samsung C&T Corporation in 2007. The Samsung Group is South Korea’s largest conglomerate with interests in construction, electronics, chemicals, finance and numerous other fields.

Engineering & Construction Group[edit]

  • Skyscrapers
The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia are 452 meters high (88 floors) and are ranked the 7th tallest in the world. The Taipei 101 in Taiwan is 508 meters tall (101 floors) and the 4th tallest in the world. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 828 meters tall (162 floors) and by far the tallest building in the world. Samsung C&T built Tower 2 of the Petronas towers (the first one completed) as well as the Taipei 101 and the Burj Khalifa, three of the world's ten tallest buildings.

In 2014 Samsung C&T has been chosen as a key contractor for the Russian Lakhta Center which after being finished in 2018 is supposed to become the tallest skyscraper in Russia and Europe. Samsung C&T is in charge of development of the working documentation on the whole complex as well as optimization of processes and works completion dates.[3]

  • Industrial Plants & Power Plants
UAE Shuweihat S2 IWPP (1,510MW)
UAE Baraka Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1,2,3,4 (5,600MW)
UAE EMAL Phase 2 CCGT (1,023MW)
Saudi Qurayyah IPP CCGT (3,927MW)
Saudi Rabigh 2 IPP CCGT (2,060MW)
Algeria Mostaganem CCGT (1,450MW)
Algeria Nama CCGT (1,163MW)
Malaysia Prai CCGT (1,071MW)
South Korea Dongducheon IPP CCGT (1,880MW)
South Korea Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Unit 5,6 (2,000MW)
South Korea Sinwolseong Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1,2 (2,000MW)
Singapore GMR CCGT (760MW)
Singapore LNG Terminal 2nd Berth
Australia Roy Hill Mining Project
  • Civil Infrastructure
Samsung C&T built the Yeongjong Bridge, the world’s first three-dimensional self-anchored suspension bridge, as well as the Incheon Grand Bridge, the world’s fifth longest cable-stayed bridge.
Reliance Mumbai convention center. Cited to be on par with Dubai and Singapore convention centres. On same grounds of Madison Square gardens.
UAE Al Salam Tunnel/Underground Roadway
UAE Cleveland Clinic
UAE Deep Tunnel Sewerage System
Qatar Lusail Road Construction
Qatar Doha Metro
Saudi Riyadh Metro
Saudi Tadawul Tower
Saudi Al Rajhi Bank Head Office
  • Housing
Raemian Apartment, National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) Award for 14 consecutive years

Trading & Investment Group[edit]

  • Energy & Environment - Power Generation, Bio Energy, Plant
Chile BHP Kelar CCGT (517MW)
Canada Ontario Wind Farm
Mexico Manzanillo LNG terminal
  • Natural Resources - Oil/Gas, Coal, n, Metals & Minerals
  • Industrial Materials - Steel, Chemicals, Electronics, Textiles

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