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Samsung Knox
Developer(s) Samsung Group
Operating system Android

Samsung Knox (trademarked Samsung KNOX) is an enterprise mobile security solution.


Samsung Knox provides security features that enable business and personal content to coexist on the same handset. The user presses an icon that switches from Personal to Work use with no delay or reboot wait time.[1] The manufacturer has claimed this feature will be fully compatible with Android and Google and will provide full separation of work and personal data on mobile devices and "addresses all major security gaps in Android."

The Knox service is part of the company's "Samsung Approved For Enterprise" (SAFE) offerings for smartphones and tablets. Samsung Knox’s primary competitor is Blackberry Balance, a service that separates personal and work data. The name, Samsung Knox, is inspired by Fort Knox.[2]



In March 2014, Replicant developers found and closed a backdoor present in a wide range of Samsung Galaxy products that allows the baseband processor to read and write the device's storage,[3] sometimes with normal user privileges and sometimes as the root user depending on device model.[4] It is unknown whether Samsung's proprietary firmware for the radio chip can be remotely instructed to use these access features and whether the vulnerability was introduced with legitimate uses in mind.[citation needed]


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