Samudra Raksa Museum

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Samudra Raksa Museum
Museum Samudra Raksa
Samudra Raksa Borobudur Ship.jpg
The reconstructed Borobudur ship as the centerpiece of Samudra Raksa Museum
Established 2005
Location Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia
Type Maritime museum, Archaeology museum
Website The Cinnamon Route

Samudra Raksa Museum is a maritime museum located just several hundred meters north of 8th century Borobudur buddhist monument, within Borobudur archaeological complex, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The museum featuring the ancient maritime Indian Ocean trade links between ancient Indonesia, Madagascar, and East Africa popularly dubbed as "the cinnamon route". The centerpiece of museum is the full scale reconstruction of Borobudur ship that have took the journey across Indian Ocean from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Accra, Ghana in 2003—2004.

The Ship Museum Samudra Raksa was opened by Coordinating Minister for Welfare Prof.Dr. Alwi Shihab of the Republic of Indonesia on 31 August 2005. A fitting tribute to the crew and all who worked with and supported the Borobudur Ship Expedition.

Also located within Borobudur archaeological complex, right next to Samudra Raksa Museum is Karmawibhangga Museum that features pictures of Karmawibhangga bas reliefs carved on the hidden foot of Borobudur, and also some Borobudur stones and archaeological artifacts. The entry to both museums are included within the entrance ticket of Borobudur Archaeological Park.