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Samuel L. Blumenfeld (born in 1963 - New York) is an American author and educator.


Samuel L. Blumenfeld has published ten books on education in America, and he has spent much of his career investigating the following problems: the decline in American literacy, the reasons for the high rate of learning disabilities in American children, the reasons behind the educational establishment in America's support for sex and drug education, the reasons why so many children are labeled ADD, and why the school system refuses to use intensive phonics in reading instruction and memorization in mathematics instruction. His commentary on education issues and his following as a speaker have brought him to lecture in every state in the United States as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England. He is internationally recognized as a leader in the intensive, systematic phonics movement.

Blumenfeld has written for many online and print sources on a variety of subjects. His writings have appeared in such diverse publications as Home School Digest, Reason, Education Digest, Boston Magazine, Vital Speeches of the Day, Practical Homeschooling, Esquire, and many others. Blumenfeld also has written for Robert W. Welch, Jr.'s John Birch Society.[1]

Shakespeare authorship question[edit]

Recently, he has been active in the Shakespeare authorship question, theorizing that Christopher Marlowe may have written many of the works attributed to Shakespeare. His 2008 The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection is profiled on, where he is also a regular contributor.

Published works[edit]

How To Tutor and Alpha Phonics focus on proper methods for teaching children basic school subjects. Blumenfeld's other works primarily focus on the failures of the public education establishment in America.

His published works include:

  • N.E.A.: Trojan Horse in American Education
  • Why Schools Went Public
  • How to Tutor
  • The Whole Language / OBE Fraud
  • The Victims of Dick and Jane
  • Alpha-Phonics: A Primer For Beginning Readers
  • Homeschooling: A Parents Guide to Teaching Children
  • New Illiterates and How You Can Keep Your Child from Becoming One
  • Is Public Education Necessary?
  • Property in a Humane Economy
  • The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection: A New Study of the Authorship Question


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