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The Samuel Goldwyn Television logo taken from "American Gladiators".

Samuel Goldwyn Television 1 (SGT) was a U.S. television production/distribution division of The Samuel Goldwyn Company that started in 1979. SGT's best known series was the competition series American Gladiators, which was very successful in first-run syndication for seven seasons and has recently been revived on NBC.

It was folded into MGM Television in 1997.

Titles by Samuel Goldwyn Television[edit]


1. This is a list of all of the series produced and/or distributed by SGTV. Other series in this list are now distributed by other companies. The rest of the TV series by Samuel Goldwyn Television are now distributed by MGM Television.

2. The original series Flipper was later sold to the Samuel Goldwyn Company by creator Ivan Tors. Would later be part of the Orion/Goldwyn merger in 1996 and reverts to MGM after the company acquired Orion/Goldwyn in 1997.