San Aggelos S'agapisa

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Cyprus "San Aggelos S'agapisa"
Eurovision Song Contest 2011 entry
Country Cyprus
Artist(s) Christos Mylordos
Language Greek
Composer(s) Andreas Anastasiou
Lyricist(s) Michalis Antoniou
Finals performance
Semi-final result 18th
Semi-final points 16
Appearance chronology
◄ "Life Looks Better in Spring" (2010)   
"La La Love" (2012) ►

"San Aggelos S'agapisa" (Greek: "Σαν άγγελος σ'αγάπησα") is a song written by Michalis Antoniou and composed by Andreas Anastasiou and performed by Christos Mylordos. This song was presented on 28 February 2011.

The song was announced to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 on 20 January 2011.[1] It is the first Cypriot song in Greek since "Femme Fatale" in 2008.


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