San Diego (ship)

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San Diego
Sea Battle San Diego Eendracht 1600.jpg
San Diego sinking
Fate: Sunk 14 December 1600
General characteristics
Type: Galleon
Tonnage: 300 tons
Length: 115 ft (35 m)

The galleon San Diego was built as the trading ship San Antonio before hastily being converted into a warship. On December 14, 1600, the fully laden San Diego was engaged by the Dutch warship Mauritius under the command of Admiral Olivier van Noort a short distance away from Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Philippines. Since San Diego couldn't handle the extra weight of her cannons, which led to a permanent list and put the cannon portholes below sea level, she was sunk without firing a single shot in response.[1] The Dutch were later reported firing upon and hurling lances at the survivors attempting to climb aboard the Mauritius.

Nearly 400 years later, in 1992, the wreck was discovered[2] by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio[3] and a total of 34,407 artifacts and ecofacts were recovered from the shipwreck, including Chinese porcelain, Japanese katanas, Portuguese cannon and Mexican coin. The San Diego exhibition[4] has been on tour around the globe before it started to permanently be displayed at the new Museum of the Filipino People.


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Documentary film[edit]

  • Die Schätze der San Diego - Tauchfahrt in die Vergangenheit. ARD-Dokumentation (1997). Regie: Torsten Sasse. (DVD in German/English/Spanish)

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