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San Diego Jewish Journal
Headquarters San Diego, California
Circulation 19,000

The San Diego Jewish Journal, headquartered on Murphy Canyon Road in San Diego, California, is Jewish magazine founded in October 2001 by Dr. Mark Moss and Mark Edelstein, and first published in December 2001.[1] Their intent was to create a magazine that spoke to all Jewish movements and traditions. In 2007, the magazine served 19,000 subscribers in San Diego, Palm Springs, and Temecula Valley.[2] Mark Moss and Mark Edelstein are the publishers.

It voted the hot pastrami of Elijah's Restaurant in La Jolla the best hot pastrami.[3]

In 2007, the San Diego Jewish Times, a biweekly newspaper with which it had competed, with about 16,000 subscribers, ceased publication after 27 years.[2]

In 2014, the Art Director, Sales Manager and Editor-in-Chief abruptly left the San Diego Jewish Journal after continued creative differences with both publishers. All three women quickly started their own Jewish San Diego based magazine named L'Chaim.


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