San Francisco La Unión

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San Francisco La Unión (Spanish pronunciation: [san fɾanˈsisko la uˈnjon]) is a municipality in the Quetzaltenango department of Guatemala, known for its large market. it has five cantones first the Centro,Pala, Paxan, xeaj chuistancia, and tzanjuyup and also they celebrete the 4 de Octubre in honor to San Francisco de ASIS where, they have parade from all the schools that they are in.


Coordinates: 14°55′N 91°32′W / 14.917°N 91.533°W / 14.917; -91.533

San Francisco La Union celebrates its yearly dance from January 15 until January 18. This town was founded in 1883. All La Union descendents are from San Francisco El Alto Totonicapan Place that Belong to Other Departament "State" Of Guatemala.