San Francisco Old Mint

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United States
Value 1 U.S. Dollar
Mass ? g
Diameter 38.1 mm
Thickness ? mm
Edge Reeded
Composition 90%Ag/10%Cu
Years of minting 2006
Catalog number ?
San Fran old mint SD Obv.JPG
Design Old Mint "The Granite Lady", Instrumental in San Francisco's Recovery, 1906-2006, E Pluribus Unum, Liberty
Designer Sherl J. Winter
Design date 2005/6?
San Fran old mint SD Rev.JPG
Design Replica of the Morgan Silver Dollar Rev;United States of America, One Dollar, In God We Trust
Designer George T. Morgan
Design date 1904

In 2006, the United States Mint released a silver dollar commemorative coin which commemorates the 100th year after the old San Francisco mint survived an earthquake. The mint also played a part in the city's recovery after the earthquake.

The coin was sold as both as a proof coin and an uncirculated coin, with a maximum coinage of 500,000 coins.


This coin has a design of the old San Francisco mint on the obverse and a replica of the 1904 eagle design of Morgan silver dollars on the reverse.

Coin Finishes: proof, and uncirculated

Maximum Mintage: 500,000 (at the time)

U.S. Mint Facility: San Francisco (s)

Public Law: 109-230