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The San Francisco Parks Alliance is a non-profit environmental organization based in San Francisco, California that contributes to the green movement by supporting and advocating for urban parks. The Neighborhood Parks Alliance supports the development of localized community groups interested in the stewardship and improvement of neighborhood/neighbourhood parks.[1] The Neighborhood Parks Alliance is an advocacy group that encourages and promotes environmental health through the development of open space policies, an example of which is Open spaces SF 2100, which it operates together with the City of San Francisco and which is described on its website as "a planning project to help provide a long-term, sustainable roadmap for using, acquiring, developing, funding, and managing open space in San Francisco."[2] The activities also include advocating for better and safer playgrounds.[3]

The organization sometimes acts as a guide to community groups who aim to generate community support and raise the funds necessary for improving parks in San Francisco, California[citation needed], for example by re-building a playground in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood.[4] The Council also has a website that allows non-technical park users to generate reports online that are directed to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (RPD).[5]

In 2011 the Neighborhood Parks Council and San Francisco Parks Trust merged to form the new San Francisco Parks Alliance.

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