San Hui Stop

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San Hui
Hong Kong MTR Light Rail stop
LRT San Hui Stop.JPG
San Hui Stop platform
Station location and services
Line  Light Rail 614,614P
LR code 320
District Tuen Mun
Area San Hui Village
LR service hours 0535-0054
Station design
Structure Ground
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Side
Opened 2 February 1992

The San Hui Stop (Chinese: 新墟站) is one of the MTR Light Rail stops. It is located on the ground at Castle Peak Road (Chinese: 青山公路) next to San Hui Village (Chinese: 新墟村) in Tuen Mun District. It began service on 2 February 1992 and belongs to Zone 2. It serves San Hui Village and Kau Hui San Village (Chinese: 舊墟新村).

Neighbouring stops[edit]

Preceding stop   MTR Light Rail   Following stop
towards Yuen Long
towards Siu Hong


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Coordinates: 22°24′01″N 113°58′40″E / 22.40028°N 113.97778°E / 22.40028; 113.97778