San José del Golfo

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San José del Golfo (14°45′36″N 90°22′48″W / 14.76000°N 90.38000°W / 14.76000; -90.38000) is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala.

The Municipality of San José del Golfo is located 28 kilometers from the Capital City to the north-east of Guatemala. Its territory is broken, it belongs to the mountainous region of the Central Highlands of the Republic. The Municipality of San José del Golfo, was established under the Government of General Justo Rufino Barrios, by Decree No. 683 of March 17, 1882, and was annexed to the Department of El Progreso on April 13, 1908, however years later by Decree No. 756 on June 9, 1920 it joined the Department of Guatemala.