San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago

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San Juan
The croisee.
The croisee.
Corporation San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Population (2000)[1]
 • Total 13,797
Time zone AST (UTC−4)
Area code(s) 638, 674, 675, 825

San Juan is a town in Trinidad and Tobago. It lies within the East-West Corridor in northern Trinidad, between Barataria and St. Joseph.

San Juan is governed by the San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation. Pronounced "Sahwah" by the local people, San Juan is the first major stop along the East-West Corridor for maxi-taxis and buses. It is located 6 km east of Port of Spain, 7 km west of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus and 18 km away from the Piarco International Airport. Its suburbs are El Soccoro, Aranguez, Bourg Mulatrese, Febeau Village and Petit Bourg. The MTS Plaza in Aranguez is the home of the San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation. It is bordered by the Caroni Swamp in the south to Santa Cruz in the north and Barataria in the west to Champ Fleurs in the east. The Priority Mall serve as a bus terminal for the town. The town was named after San Juan Baptista (St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of the town and namesake of the Roman Catholic Church on Cemetery Street and the Anglican church on the Eastern Main Road.)

San Juan is home to the internationally known beverage company Solo Beverages. Solo Beverages is a company that provides carbonated beverages that are considered a symbol of Trinidad and Tobago. In June 2010, Japs Fried Chicken open its doors in San Juan. The popular supermarket, Ramesh and Leela is headquartered in the Criosee with another branch located in Febeau Village. Also located on El Socorro Main Road, is Geelal's Super Wholesalers & Distributors Ltd., a longtime wholesaler with over 25 years of service who specializes in imports and exports. Geelal's has grown so popular that smaller businesses has developed around the distribution centre, there has been fresh coconut water and doubles stands opened across the streets. The main streets of San Juan are primarily business districts, El Socorro Road encompasses car-parts, hardwares, and groceries, Aranguez Main Road hosts mainly fresh fruit and vegetable shops as well as garden supply stores. The area is always bustling with traffic due to the strong economy. The many businesses located on El Socorro Road has boosted the demand of taxi services which led to an expansion of the El Socorro Taxi Stand in the Croisee. The increased traffic has also allowed gas stations and auto repair shops to become successful in the area as well as many fast food restaurants.

The local nightlife includes many pubs and bars along the main streets of San Juan, one of the regions most popular bar is Coconuts Bar. The nightlife facilities are available daily until approximately midnight, on Fridays and Saturdays nightlife goes until 5am. Aranguez is home to one of the country's most popular savannahs, Aranguez Savannah. Aranguez Savannah hosts major celebrations and events including Holi, Carnival, cricket games, and The Samaan Tree Rock Festival among many other live concerts.

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Coordinates: 10°39′N 61°27′W / 10.650°N 61.450°W / 10.650; -61.450