San Juan Hill order of battle

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The following units and commanders of the U.S. and Spanish armies fought at the Battle of San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War on July 1, 1898.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • k = killed
  • m = missing


V Corps[edit]

MG William R. Shafter


  • 1st Squadron, 2nd U.S. Cavalry
  • Companies C & E, U.S. Engineers
  • Signal Corps Detachment
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division
     BG Jacob Ford Kent
     K-89, W-489, M-0 = 578

1st Brigade

   BG Hamilton S. Hawkins, w July 2

2nd Brigade

   Col Edward P. Pearson

3rd Brigade

   Col Charles A. Wikoff k
   Ltc William S. Worth w
   Ltc Emerson H. Liscum w
   Ltc Ezra P. Ewers

Cavalry Division
     BG Samuel S. Sumner[2]
     MG Joseph Wheeler

1st Brigade

   Col Henry K. Carroll
   BG Samuel S. Sumner

2nd Brigade

   BG Leonard Wood[3]


Artillery Battalion

   Maj Dillenbach

  • Battery E, 1st U.S. Artillery
  • Battery K, 1st U.S. Artillery
  • Battery A, 2nd U.S. Artillery
  • Battery F, 2nd U.S. Artillery
Siege Train[4]
  • Battery G, 4th U.S. Artillery
  • Battery H, 4th U.S. Artillery

Attached Units[5]

Sibony Beachhead Garrison

   BG Henry M. Duffield

  • 9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  • 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  • 33rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry


IV Corps[edit]

Gen Arsenio Linares[6] w
Gen Jose Toral

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Santiago Division
     Gen Jose Toral

1st Brigade
  • 1st Provisional Battalion of Puerto Rico
  • 4th Battalion Talavera Peninsular Regiment
  • 1st Battalion San Fernando Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Asia Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Constitution Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Cuba Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion Cuba Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Simancas Regiment

Manzanillo Division

Escario's Brigade
  • 3rd Alcantara Peninsular Battalion
  • 19th Puerto Rican Rifle Battalion
  • 1st Battalion Andalucia Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Isabella la Catolica Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion Isabella la Catolica Regiment
Attached Units
  • 1st Tercio of Guerrillas
  • 2nd Tercio of Guerrillas
  • 1st Cavalry Regiment
  • 6th Battery, 4th Mounted Artillery
  • 1st Battery, 5th Foot Artillery
  • Engineers and Sappers

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