San Marino–United Kingdom relations

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United Kingdom – San Marino relations
Map indicating locations of United Kingdom and San Marino

United Kingdom

San Marino

San Marino – United Kingdom relations date back to 1899, when the United Kingdom and San Marino signed an extradition treaty. In 1961, Britain agreed to pay San Marino compensation for damage caused during the Second World War.[1]


In 1899, Great Britain and San Marino signed an extradition treaty and a British consul general was appointed to San Marino in 1900.[2][3]

During the Second World War, neighbouring Italy declared war on the United Kingdom, San Marino initially joined Italy in declaring war on Britain.[4] Then when Italy surrendered San Marino declared neutrality. On 26 June 1944, the Allied Forces under British command erroneously bombed San Marino in the belief that it was harbouring German forces.[1] On 21 September 1944 San Marino declared war on Germany.[5]


At UN-sponsored talks between 17 and 22 July 1961, the British government agreed to pay the Sanmarinese reparations to the sum of £80,000 for their part in the erroneous wartime bombing of the republic after the latter had filed a claim for 732 million lire.[1] The United Kingdom maintains a Consulate General to San Marino in Rome.[6] San Marino maintains a Consulate General to the United Kingdom in London.[7]

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