San Patricio, Jalisco

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West end of the Melaque beach

San Patricio - Melaque in the Mexican state of Jalisco is a busy community located 4+ kilometers northwest of Barra de Navidad on Bahia de Navidad. It was named for a unit of 175 mainly Irish immigrants, Saint Patrick's Battalion, that fought with the Mexican Army against the US during the Mexican-American War (1846-48). The area comprises three beachfront villages: San Patricio, Villa Obregon and Melaque—all generally referred to as "Melaque." The small village of Melaque has been a vacation retreat for Mexicans for generations. San Patricio is a kilometer strip in the middle of the three villages that contains a colorful town square and retail shops. Villa Obregon, to the east, is much more residential. The three "municipios" form the largest community along the coast between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Playa Melaque is the main beach in the area. The west end of Melaque beach is protected from the large swells found elsewhere on the beach, allowing for swimming for children and the less adventurous.

Coordinates: 19°12′N 104°41′W / 19.200°N 104.683°W / 19.200; -104.683