San Pedro Columbia

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San Pedro Columbia
San Pedro Columbia is located in Belize
San Pedro Columbia
San Pedro Columbia
Coordinates: 16°6′N 88°57′W / 16.100°N 88.950°W / 16.100; -88.950
Country  Belize
District Toledo District
Population (2000)
 • Total 700
Time zone Central (UTC-6)

San Pedro Columbia is a village in Toledo District, Belize, located about two miles from the ancient Maya ruins of Lubaantun. In 2000 San Pedro Columbia had a population of about 700 people.[1] The population is mostly Kekchi Maya with some Mopan Maya. San Pedro Columbia has Belize's largest settlement of Kekchi. Most of the population came to Belize from the Petén region of Guatemala in the late 19th century. The village is known for the hand woven embroidery produced there.

Ancient history[edit]

Lubaantun along with several other sites in the local area is a Mayan city inhabited at least as early as the Mayan Classic Period. Lubaantun has unusual features of construction including drystone work and rounded corners that set it apart from other Mayan sites.[2]

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Coordinates: 16°16′N 88°57′W / 16.267°N 88.950°W / 16.267; -88.950