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San Sebastian Golden Stags
San Sebastian College – Recoletos
San Sebastian Stags logo
League NCAA
Joined 1969
Location C. M. Recto Ave., Manila
Team colors Red and Gold
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Women's team Lady Stags
Juniors' team Golden Staglets
Seniors' general championships
NCAA: 14 (1973-74, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2009-10)
Juniors' general championships
NCAA: 2 (1992-93, 2005-06)

The San Sebastian Golden Stags (also known as SSC-R Stags) are the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines) basketball team of the San Sebastian College – Recoletos. Their 5 consecutive NCAA seniors basketball championships is the longest streak in the NCAA.

The other senior varsity teams may also be referred to as the Stags. The juniors team are the San Sebastian Staglets, while the women's team are the San Sebastian Lady Stags.


The Recollect fathers chose a stag for it symbolizes a Christian who, filled with moral ideas, runs fast to God swiftly yet quietly in pursuit of his goals.


The Golden Stags Basketball Team Roster[edit]

San Sebastian Golden Stags roster
Players Coaches
Pos. # Nat. Name Height Weight Playing yr. High School
4 Philippines Dela Cruz, Jovit D.
Corinthian School – Valenzuela
5 Philippines Guinto, Bradwyn M.
6 Philippines Camasura, Israel Ivan S.
Havelock High School
G 7 Philippines Perez, Jaymar G.
F 8 Philippines Balucanag, Bobby J. 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
3rd Don Juana Chioco High School
9 Philippines Alvarez, Earvin Oliver C.
St. Vincent School
10 Philippines Calisaan, Michael D.
Rookie SSCR HS
11 Philippines Pretta, Spencer C.
12 Philippines Fabian, Jerick A.
Francisco G. Nepomuceno Memorial High School
G 13 Philippines Ortuoste, Jon Kervin P.
14 Philippines Costelo, Ryan Paule A.
G 15 Philippines Aquino, Eulo Ryan A.
2nd Mira Mesa Senior High School
16 Philippines Yong, Rhanzelle M.
Rookie SSCR HS
17 Philippines Santos, Jeffrey S.
18 Philippines Mercado, Justine Louie C.
FEU Diliman
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)

The Golden Staglets Basketball Team Roster[edit]

# Name Position Height Play Yr. HS Year Traits
Julian Philip Alzaga dog style 9'2 Andre Ross Tristan Dantis missionary 8'9 9th Yr. 2years mayabang
1/2 Jose Mari Miguel A. Alfaro helicopter 9'3 7th yr. 5years matampohin
7 Stephen Garcia dog style 3'4 Grade8 1month chicser
John Daniel F. Baclarin bading 6'2 4thyear 3months
24 Jasper Philip J. Magno
 Since Birth
2 Jethro Glewellyn E. Malamug
27 Amancio Delgado (Beast)
0 Augustus Ceasar D.J. Padigdig
QUincy Adams
12 Kobe Canoy
Jesse M. Bardaje Jr.
Enrico Gabriel C. Ong
Regille Kent M. Ilagan
Johnson R. Miasco

San Sebastian cheerleading squad[edit]

The NCAA Cheerdance Competition is an annual one-day event of the National Collegiate Athletic Association for cheerleading. It was sponsored by Nestlé in 2004 and 2005 and was known as the NCAA Nestlé Non-Stop Cheerdance Competition. On 2007, the competition was sponsored by Samsung and was called as Samsung NCAA Cheerdance Competition. They won 2nd Runner-up in 2004 and 1st Runner-up in 2005.

All member schools field in their respective pep/cheering squads in a predetermined sequence. The sequence is determined by drawing of lots a week before the competition. Judges who are known for their prowess in cheerleading, dancing and gymnastics, plus a representative from Nestlé, determine the winning pep squad (when they sponsored the event).

It is the only coeducational sport in the NCAA. However, it is not counted in the tabulation to determine the General Champion

The official cheerleading squad of San Sebastian College - Recoletos de Manila is the Golden Stags Cheerleading Squad (GSCS).


  • Laurence Anne Latigay - Shakey's V-League Power Player of the Conference [Season 4 Conference 2]
  • Angela Descalsota - Shakey's V-League Best Scorer [Season 1 Conference 1]
  • Mary Jane Pepito - Shakey's V-League Best Digger [Season 4 Conference 1], Hustle Player of the Conference & Best Receiver [Season 4 Conference 2]
  • Jennifer Bohawe
  • Joy Pulido
  • Rysabelle Devanadera
  • Charisse Vernon Ancheta - Shakey's V-League Best Setter [Season 4 Conference 2]
  • Margarita Pepito - Shakey's V-League Best Digger [Season 3 Conference 1]
  • Jinni Mondejar - RP National Women's Volleyball Team
  • Jaroensri Bualee - Shakey's V-League Best Scorer & Conference MVP [Season 4 Conference 1], Finals MVP [Season 3 Conference 1], Best Attacker [Season 4 Conference 2]

Shakey's V-League Season 5, Conference 1 Line-up

Setter: Charisse Ancheta

Middle: Rysabelle Devanadera

Open: Laurence Ann Latigay

Utility: Jinni Mondejar

Middle: Suzanne Roces

Open: Margarita Pepito

Libero: Mary Jane Pepito

Track and field[edit]

  • Joselito Gando(Coach)
  • Kim Cedrick Galang (The Fastest Man Alive, 2012-2013 NCAA MVP)
  • Arthuro Oliveros Jr.(Road Runner)
  • Daryl Ceballos
  • Justin Tabunda (2006-2007 NCAA MVP)
  • George Kheanou Luis (Rookie of the Year)
  • Isidro Del Prado Jr.
  • Oliver Ocampo
  • Jose Florentino Bagallon
  • Andrezel Chuaquico
  • Emmanuel Manzanero Jr.
  • Antonio Asuncion Jr.(former 1998-1999 NCAA MVP)
  • Rayven Lozares (former 1999-2000 NCAA MVP)
  • Anthony Cabling (former 1997-1998 NCAA MVP)
  • Michael Bautista
  • Rowie Sioson
  • Kayson Ki
  • Edward Brojan

Championship seasons '98,'99,'00,'06


  • Jeng Reamillo (rookie of the year, mvp)
  • Daryl Pat Buensuceso (1984-85 Overall Swimming Champion - Junior Division Team Member, 3-time medallists)


Mark benjamin halili(MVP, Rookie of the year)