Sananda TV

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Sananda TV
Sananda TV Logo.jpg
Sananda TV's logo
Launched 25 July 2011
Closed 7 November 2012
Network cable television network
Owned by ABP Group
Picture format 4:3 1080p SDTV
Country India
Language Bengali
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal, India,
Website Official website[dead link]

Sananda TV (Bengali:সানন্দা টিভি) was a 24-hour Bengali General Entertainment Channel owned by ABP Group. It was launched on 25 July 2011.[1][2][3][4] However, it was shut down on 7 November 2012.[5]

Programs broadcast by Sananda TV[edit]

Note : Some programs might have not been included.
  • Alpo Alpo Premer Galpo
  • Amar Naam Joyeeta
  • Ami Sei Mey
  • Bengali Movie (This program showed several Bengali films)
  • Bindi (A soap opera on two girls' life who are poles apart from each other)
  • Bhola Maheshwar (A mythological and spiritual drama on Lord Shiva's life)
  • Josh
  • Mrs. Singha Roy (Aired on the 2030 HRS (IST) slot. The show was aborted inadvertently)
  • Nader Nemai (A mythological and spiritual drama on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Nemai)
  • Nayika (second successful show after Bindi ended abruptly for financial reasons)
  • Proloy Asche (A 50-episode daily serial directed and produced by noted Bengali film director Raj Chakraborty aired on Mon-Fri at 2200 HRS (IST) slot)
  • Rannabati (Cookery show)
  • Sobinoy Nibedon (A drama based on the situation after a Marwari girl marries a Bengali boy)
  • Ta Bole Ki Prem Debo Na


Sananda TV shut down 15 months after its launch on 7 November 2012. Thus, ABP's presence in the television entertainment space also ended. This was declared by Sananda TV through several advertisements days before it shut down. The reason for the closure was that Sananda TV could not make an impact in a market, which has been dominated by other Bengali entertainment channels like Star Jalsha, Zee Bangla and ETV Bangla.[5]


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