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Sancak Beyi Card Game
Designer(s) Huseyin Oguzturk
Publisher(s) Hoguma Entertainment
Players 2
Age range 13+
Playing time ~ 20 minutes
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required Card playing
Simple math
Deck optimization

Sancakbeyi is a collectible card game for two players. Both players begin the game with the title "Sancak Beyi". The purpose is to complete the two Tuğ of the Flags before the opponent and to win the game with the title "Beyler Beyi". During this process, to avoid the opponent to complete the Tuğ's, harm its soldiers, to take minimum losses by a strong defense are the basic of the game.[1]

Card types[edit]

There are 6 types of cards in the game. Each card has different features and has a different impact to the game. Tug, Cengaver, Asker, Ganimet, Olgu and Bilgelik.[2]

Game round[edit]

On each round the player draws 2 cards from the deck. Tuğ cards should be placed firstly to their places if the player has any.[3]

Then the player plays respectively 3 cards. The card affects the game from the moment it is played and the next card is played. When the player still holds more than 9 cards after playing 3, surplus cards are placed underneath the deck. When a player has no cards to play, the player has to draw 5 cards when it is the players turn.

When the turn of a player is completed the turn passes over to the other player.

End of the game[edit]

In order to end the game, two Sancak section of the game area has to be completed. Within the game rules, when any of the player has no cards left to play during the game, this game is considered as lost. If both player have no cards to complete the Sancak section and if no special rules are determined at the beginning of the game, the player with the most Ganimet is the winner. The winner of the game becomes the title "Beyler Beyi".

Kickstarter campaign[edit]

Sancak Beyi Card Game started a campaign on Kickstarter.[4]

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