Sanchari Kuruba

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Sanchari Kuruba are an ancient nomadic community of North Karnataka, their origins date back to the times when hunting and gathering humans decided to become pastoralists and started taming animals. These people are in large numbers in the plains of North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh where the rainfall is so little that agriculture is not possible every year. These people have large herds of sheep numbering in their thousands and they take their herds for grazing to different places and they themselves put up camps with their sheep. They are also called as Kivi Kuruba. Estimates put the numbers of Sanchari Kuruba community at 400,000. They to this day remain backward and exploited due to lack of knowledge about the facilities available for them from the government and poor education. They worship the deities Beeralingeswara and Mailara Linga like their cousins Kuruba Gowdas. An interesting costume is the performance of letting a donkey among the herd of sheep when their numbers cross 1000.