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Memorial to Ukrainians executed at Sandarmokh.

Sandarmokh (Russian: Сандармох) is a forest massif 19 km from Povenets in Medvezhyegorsky District, Karelia, Russia and the site of mass shootings and burials of victims of Soviet political repressions. These prisoners were executed within the period of October 27 – November 4, 1937. Many of the victims were from the nearby Solovki prison camp. The site is now a memorial cemetery.[1]

Memorial cemetery[edit]

Over 9,000 bodies were discovered after the place was found in 1997 by members of the Memorial Society and a memorial cemetery was established on the site. A number of stone monuments have been constructed to commemorate the victims.[1][2][3]

According to the documents found in the archives of Russian Federal Security Service in Arkhangelsk, there were people of 58 nationalities.

Ukraine declared 2012 as "Sandarmokh List Year" in reference to the thousands of Ukrainian intelligentsia who were executed because they inspired the people of Ukraine, filling them with nationalistic pride and power.[4]

Notable victims[edit]


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