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Sandridge Park, near Stoke Gabriel, Devon, is an English country house in the Italianate style, designed by John Nash around 1805[1] for the Dowager Lady Ashburton, née Elizabeth Baring.

Sandridge, on high ground at the head of the River Dart estuary, was held by the Sandridges under the Bishop of Exeter in Henry II's reign. The Nash house took the place of the former house, which had belonged to the descendants of Sir Thomas Pomeroy until the eighteenth century.[2] "Gilbert, Esq." was the owner in 1763; it was unoccupied in 1951, "the park ragged and decaying".[3] Captain John Davis, the great Elizabethan navigator and explorer, was probably born at Sandridge Barton, the manor farm, in 1543.

Another, less architecturally distinguished, Sandridge Park (51°22′53″N 2°05′41″W / 51.3814°N 2.0947°W / 51.3814; -2.0947 (Sandridge Park, Wiltshire))—a villa built around 1850 near Melksham, Wiltshire—was for a time a headquarters of General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the Second World War and is now open as a hotel.


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Coordinates: 50°23′50″N 3°36′19″W / 50.3971°N 3.6054°W / 50.3971; -3.6054