Alessandro Mazzinghi

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Alessandro Mazzinghi
Sandro Mazzinghi
Nickname(s) Sandro
Nationality Italian
Born October 3, 1938
Pontedera, Italy
Boxing record
Wins 64
Wins by KO 42
Losses 3
Draws 0
No contests 2

Alessandro Mazzinghi, known as Sandro (born in Pontedera, Province of Pisa, October 3, 1938) is an Italian former professional boxer.


Sandro entered the world of professional boxing in 1961, in the superwelter division. As European and World Champion, he has a record of 64-3-0-2 (42 KOs). Of these matches, five were valid for the European title and 8 for the World title.

In 1961 Mazzinghi seized the Crown of Military World Champion, welter division, in the United States.

On September 7, 1963 he became World Champion, Junior Middleweight division, defeating the American Ralph Dupas by a ninth round TKO, in a match played in Milan, Italy.[1] In December of the same year, a rematch took place in Sydney, Australia, and Mazzinghi won again by knock out.

He remained World Champion until 1965, a year in which he suffered a terrible accident. The boxer remained in critical conditions for some days, with a skull fracture that would condition his career in the following years.

Mazzinghi came back on the ring to defend his title in Genoa, Italy, against Tony Montano (K.o. on 12th round) and in Rome, against Fortunato Manca (winning by decision in 15 rounds).

On June 18, 1965 Mazzinghi faced Nino Benvenuti and lost by K.O. in the 6th round. In their rematch, Mazzinghi barely escaped an early round knockout when he was floored, and apparently unable to rise in time, was saved by the bell in the second round. He rebounded from that close call to give Benvenuti a hard fight, but Benvenuti won the decision.

Mazzinghi started again and gained the Superwelter European crown in Rome, Italy, on June 17, 1966 defeating Yoland Leveque; he defended his title four times.

On May 26, 1968 Mazzinghi faced the Korean Ki-Soo Kim, in "San Siro" Stadium, Milan, Italy, and won, becoming the new Superwelter World Champion.

On October 25 he fought against American Freddie Little, but was disqualified by the referee for an illegal blow; this decision was revoked and the result of the match was changed to a "no contest". A few days later, the Italian Boxing Federation took away the title from Mazzinghi, after the WBA wouldn't.[2]

In 1970 he left boxing for six years, and would make a comeback from 1976 to 1979. He retired in 1979.

Preceded by
Ralph Dupas
World Light Middleweight Champion
7 Sep 1963– 18 Jun 1965
Succeeded by
Nino Benvenuti
Preceded by
Ki-Soo Kim
World Light Middleweight Champion
26 May 1968– Nov 1968
Succeeded by
Freddie Little


Amateur matches
Match Opponent W/L Result
Kluj (October 6, 1959) Marin W k.o. 3rd round
Fort Dix (1961) Martinez W k.o. 1st round
Fort Dix (1961) Dietel W pts.
Fort Dix (1961) Harrison W k.o. 1st round
Belgrade (1961) Alipijev W pts.
Belgrade (1961) Schichta W injury 3rd round
Pro matches
Match Title Opponent W/L Result
Florence (September 15, 1961) - S. Gagliardi W k.o. 2nd round
Florence (October 20, 1961) - M. Della Corte W pts. (6 rounds)
Rome (November 9, 1961) - R. Ravasi W abandonment 3rd round
Florence (December 15, 1961) - G. Cavalieri W k.o. 2nd round
Bologna (December 26, 1961) - F. Pondrelli W abandonment 2nd round
Bologna (November 4, 1962) - G. Paulon W tko 3rd round
Rome (January 19, 1962) - C. Buniva W pts. (6 rounds)
Bologna (December 5, 1962) - B. Hamida W abandonment 3rd round
Milan (February 16, 1962) - N. Maric W pts. (6 rounds)
Florence (February 23, 1962) - G Moll W tko 5th round
Florence (March 23, 1962) - M. seba W tko 5th round
Bologna (April 2, 1962) - T. Schall W k.o. 4th round
Prato (June 6, 1962) - C. Canu W tko 4th round
Florence (June 20, 1962) - J. Caileau W pts. (8 rounds)
S. Vincent (June 30, 1962) - P. Cottino W k.o. 3rd round
Florence (July 18, 1962) - C. Cassem W k.o. 1st round
Rome (July 27, 1962) - G. Melis L pts. (8 rounds)
San Remo (August 19, 1962) - F. Bettini W pts. (8 rounds)
Bologna (September 24, 1962) - D. Leullier W pts. (8 rounds)
Paris (October 15, 1962) - C. Attali W tko 1st round
Milan (November 9, 1962) - F. Bettini W pts. (8 rounds)
Rome (December 14, 1962) - F. Fiori W pts. (8 rounds)
Paris (January 28, 1963) - H. Annex W tko 9th round
Florence (March 1, 1963) - J. N'Gan W k.o. 4th round
Milan (March 8, 1963) - R. Randell W k.o. 4th round
Rome (April 5, 1963) - T. Montano W pts. (10 rounds)
Milan (May 5, 1963) - D. Fullmer W tko 8th round
Milan (June 7, 1963) - W. Greaves W k.o. 5th round
Pontedera (July 13, 1963) - M. Sahib W tko 8th round
Milan (September 7, 1963) W.C. Ralph Dupas W tko 9th round
Sydney-(December 2, 1963) C.M. Ralph Dupas W tko 13th round
Milan (Aprile 12, 1964) - H. Morales W tko 3rd round
Rome (April 24, 1964) - C. Austin W abandonment 9th round
Turin (June 26, 1964) - C. Austin W Disq. 7th round
Terracina (August 14, 1964) - C. Mott W k.o. 5th round
Genoa, (October 6, 1964) W.C. Tony Montano W tko 12th round
Rome (November 6, 1964) - G. Ortega W abandonment 7th round
Rome (November 11, 1964) W.C. Fortunato Manca W pts. (15 rounds)
Milan (November 23, 1965) - I. Logart W injury 5th round
Rome (April 2, 1965) - I. Logart W pts. (10 rounds)
Genoa (April 30, 1965) - M. Ferguson W k.o. 3rd round
Milan (June 18, 1965) W.C. Nino Benvenuti L k.o. 6th round
Turin (October 15, 1965) - O. Mirando W abandonment 5th round
Rome (December 17, 1965) W.C. Nino Benvenuti L pts. (15 rounds)
Bologna (February 11, 1966) - J. Shelton W tko 5th round
Rome (April 1, 1966) - S. Cliff W abandonment 4th round
Turin (May 6, 1966) - H. Dixon W tko 2nd round
Rome (June 17, 1966) E.C. Yoland Leveque W k.o. 12th round
Teramo (October 14, 1966) - T. Noriega W pts. (10 rounds)
Stockholm (November 11, 1966) E.C. Bo Hogberg W tko 14th round
Milan (February 3, 1967) E.C. Jean Rolland W tko 10th round
Rome (April 7, 1967) - H. Aldridge W pts. (10 rounds)
Rome (July 14, 1967) - G. Brennam W pts. (10 rounds)
Milan (September 9, 1967) E.C. Wally Swift W injury 6th round
Rome (December 1, 1967) E.C. Joseph Gonzales W k.o. 4th round
Rome (February 9, 1968) - A. Hernandez W tko 4th round
Rome (April 5, 1968) - B. Cassidy W tko 4th round
Milan (May 26, 1968) W.C. Kim Soo Ki W pts. (15 rounds)
Florence (September 14, 1968) - L. Campbell W pts. (10 rounds)
Rome (October 25, 1968) W.C. Freed Lyttle N.C. pts. (8 rounds)
Rome (March 28, 1969) - W. Hurst W pts. (8 rounds)
Las Vegas (December 18, 1969) - C. Hernandez W k.o. 2nd round
Bologna (April 18, 1970) - H. Scott W pts. (10 rounds)
Milan (August 13, 1970) - H. Richarson W k.o. 5th round
Milan (September 19, 1970) - E. Pace P. W pts. (10 rounds)
Bologna (October 31, 1970) - W. Warren W k.o. 8th round

W.C. = World Championship
E.C. = European Championship

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