Sands of time

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Sands of time may refer to:

  • Sands of time (idiom), a figurative expression in the English language relating the passage of time to the sand in an hourglass.

Music albums[edit]

Songs & Music[edit]

  • "Sands of Time", a song from Fleetwood Mac's 1971 album Future Games
  • "Sands of Time", a song from Edguy's 2000 album The Savage Poetry
  • "Sands of Time", a song from Wayne Hancock's 2001 album, A-Town Blues
  • "The Sands of Time", a song by LeAnn Rimes on her 2001 album God Bless America
  • "Sands of Time", a song from Judas Priest's 2008 album Nostradamus