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Sandstorm Enterprises, Inc.
Type Privately Held
Industry computer software
Founded (1998)
Headquarters Malden, Massachusetts
Key people James VanBokkelen,
Simson Garfinkel
Products NetIntercept

Sandstorm Enterprises is a computer security software vendor founded in 1998 by Simson Garfinkel, James van Bokkelen, Gene Spafford,[1] Dan Geer. In January 2010, it was purchased by Niksun Enterprises.

Sandstorm is located in the greater Boston Area. Sandstorm's major products are PhoneSweep, the first [2] commercial multi-line telephone scanner (a war dialer), introduced in 1998, and NetIntercept, a commercial network forensics tool, introduced in 2001. Designed as a second-generation network analysis tool, NetIntercept operates primarily at the level of TCP and UDP data streams and application-layer objects they transport.[2][3]

In 2002 Sandstorm purchased LanWatch, a commercial packet-oriented LAN monitor originally developed by FTP Software. LanWatch is sold a separate product, but much of its functionality is used by NetIntercept to display individual packets.


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