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The Sandusky Bay Conference is a high school athletic conference with seven members from the Sandusky Bay area of north central Ohio. It is affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.


The member schools of the Sandusky Bay Conference.
School Nickname Location Colors Tenure
Clyde Fliers Clyde Blue, Gold
Edison Chargers Milan Blue, Orange
Huron Tigers Huron Red, Gray
Margaretta Polar Bears Castalia Green, White
Oak Harbor Rockets Oak Harbor Red, Green
1948-1972, 1986-
Perkins Pirates Perkins Township Black, White
Port Clinton Redskins Port Clinton Red, White
1948-1949, 1980-

Athletic competition[edit]

The conference was established in 1948 and offers competition in the following sports:

Former members[edit]

League history[edit]


  • 1948: The SBC is formed with inaugural members Danbury, Elmore, Genoa, Gibsonburg, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, and St. Joseph CC.
  • 1949: Port Clinton leaves and is replaced by Clyde.


  • 1950: St. Mary CC joins.
  • 1956: Genoa leaves to help form the Northern Lakes League.
  • 1957: Danbury leaves.
  • 1958: Elmore leaves and is replaced by Tiffin Calvert and Carey.
  • 1959: Gibsonburg leaves.


  • 1960: Lakota and Mohawk join.
  • 1963: Carey leaves and is replaced by Margaretta and Gibsonburg, who rejoins after a four year absence.
  • 1966: Tiffin Calvert leaves.
  • 1968: Huron and St. Wendelin join.


  • 1972: Gibsonburg, Lakota, and Oak Harbor leave to form the Suburban Lakes League. St. Wendelin also leaves the league. They are replaced by Perkins and Tiffin Calvert, who rejoins the league.



  • On February 1, 2013, St. Mary CC announced they would be forming a new league called the Sandusky River League in 2014-15 with Calvert (who later decided to join the TAAC), Lakota, New Riegel, Old Fort, and St. Joe's. St. Wendelin would join them later. This league's intention is to have eight football-playing members and 2-3 non-football schools. This league will ultimately give a home to the remaining MAL schools.[1]

Boys championships[edit]

Year Football[2] Cross Country Golf Soccer Basketball[3] Wrestling Swimming Baseball[4] Track & Field
1948-49 Port Clinton Gibsonburg, Port Clinton, St. Joseph CC began in 1957-58
1949-50 Oak Harbor, St. Joseph CC Elmore n/a
1950-51 Oak Harbor St. Joseph CC n/a
1951-52 St. Mary CC St. Joseph CC n/a
1952-53 St. Joseph CC St. Mary CC n/a
1953-54 St. Mary CC St. Joseph CC, St. Mary CC n/a
1954-55 Gibsonburg St. Joseph CC n/a
1955-56 St. Joseph CC, St. Mary CC St. Joseph CC n/a
1956-57 St. Joseph CC St. Joseph CC n/a
1957-58 St. Mary CC St. Joseph CC Clyde
1958-59 Gibsonburg Oak Harbor Tiffin Calvert
1959-60 St. Joseph CC, Tiffin Calvert St. Joseph CC Tiffin Calvert
1960-61 St. Joseph CC St. Joseph CC Tiffin Calvert
1961-62 Tiffin Calvert Mohawk St. Joseph CC, Tiffin Calvert
1962-63 St. Joseph CC Clyde St. Joseph CC
1963-64 St. Joseph CC St. Joseph CC Clyde
1964-65 St. Joseph CC Margaretta Tiffin Calvert
1965-66 Tiffin Calvert St. Mary CC Gibsonburg, St. Mary CC
1966-67 St. Mary CC Gibsonburg, Port Clinton, St. Joseph St. Mary CC
1967-68 St. Joseph CC  ??? Clyde
1968-69 St. Mary CC St. Mary CC Clyde, St. Mary CC
1969-70 Huron St. Mary CC Margaretta
1970-71 Huron St. Joseph CC Gibsonburg
1971-72 St. Joseph CC Huron Gibsonburg, Huron
1972-73 Clyde Huron St. Joseph CC
1973-74 Clyde, Huron St. Mary CC Margaretta, Perkins, St. Joseph CC, St. Mary CC
1974-75 Clyde, St. Joseph CC Tiffin Calvert Margaretta
1975-76 Perkins St. Mary CC St. Mary CC
1976-77 Huron Perkins, Tiffin Calvert Huron
1977-78 Tiffin Calvert Huron Margaretta
1978-79 Tiffin Calvert Perkins Clyde
1979-80 Tiffin Calvert St. Mary CC Tiffin Calvert
1980-81 Huron, Tiffin Calvert Port Clinton St. Joseph CC
1981-82 Huron, Tiffin Calvert Huron Huron, Port Clinton, St. Mary CC
1982-83 Perkins Huron Tiffin Calvert
1983-84 Huron, Margaretta Perkins Perkins, Port Clinton, St. Mary CC
1984-85 Huron Port Clinton Margaretta
1985-86 Margaretta Port Clinton Clyde, Margaretta, Port Clinton
1986-87 Margaretta Oak Harbor, Perkins Huron, Port Clinton
1987-88 Huron Huron St. Mary CC
1988-89 Perkins Huron Margaretta
1989-90 St. Mary CC Huron, Port Clinton Margaretta, St. Mary CC
1990-91 Oak Harbor, St. Mary CC Port Clinton St. Mary CC
1991-92 Margaretta, Oak Harbor Huron, Port Clinton Edison
1992-93 Clyde, St. Mary CC Port Clinton Margaretta
1993-94 Clyde Clyde Clyde, St. Mary CC
1994-95 Clyde Clyde, Perkins Huron, St. Mary CC
1995-96 Clyde, Margaretta, Oak Harbor Port Clinton St. Mary CC
1996-97 Margaretta Huron Perkins
1997-98 Clyde, Margaretta Huron Perkins
1998-99 Huron Perkins Perkins
1999-00 Perkins Oak Harbor Clyde
2000-01 Perkins Oak Harbor Perkins
2001-02 Huron, Margaretta Port Clinton, St. Mary CC Perkins
2002-03 Huron, Oak Harbor Port Clinton Perkins
2003-04 Huron Margaretta Perkins
2004-05 Huron Huron Port Clinton
2005-06 Clyde, Huron Huron Perkins
2006-07 Oak Harbor Perkins Perkins
2007-08 Clyde Clyde Perkins
2008-09 Clyde Edison Perkins
2009-10 Clyde, Perkins Port Clinton Perkins
2010-11 Clyde Edison Perkins
2011-12 Clyde Perkins Oak Harbor
2012-13 Perkins Perkins
2013-14 Perkins Perkins

Girls championships[edit]

Year Volleyball[5] Cross Country Golf Soccer Basketball[6] Swimming Softball[7] Track & Field
1973-74 Huron began in 1974-75 began in 1982-83
1974-75 Huron Perkins, St. Mary CC
1975-76 Clyde Perkins
1976-77 Clyde Clyde
1977-78 Clyde Clyde
1978-79 Clyde Huron
1979-80 Tiffin Calvert Huron
1980-81 Clyde Huron
1981-82 Clyde, Tiffin Calvert Huron
1982-83 Clyde Huron Margaretta, St. Joseph CC
1983-84 Clyde Perkins, St. Mary CC Margaretta
1984-85 Clyde Huron Margaretta, Tiffin Calvert
1985-86 Clyde, Perkins Margaretta, Perkins Tiffin Calvert
1986-87 Clyde Margaretta Margaretta
1987-88 Margaretta Margaretta Margaretta
1988-89 Oak Harbor Margaretta, Oak Harbor Margaretta
1989-90 Oak Harbor Oak Harbor Margaretta
1990-91 Clyde Margaretta Edison
1991-92 Huron Edison, Margaretta Edison, Margaretta
1992-93 Clyde Margaretta Margaretta
1993-94 Edison Margaretta Edison
1994-95 Clyde Margaretta Edison, Clyde, Oak Harbor
1995-96 Clyde Clyde Oak Harbor, St. Mary CC
1996-97 Huron Huron Oak Harbor
1997-98 Margaretta Clyde Clyde
1998-99 Margaretta Margaretta Oak Harbor
1999-00 Huron Huron Clyde
2000-01 Huron Clyde, Margaretta Clyde
2001-02 Huron Margaretta, Perkins Clyde, Oak Harbor
2002-03 Huron Oak Harbor Clyde
2003-04 Huron Oak Harbor Clyde
2004-05 Huron Margaretta Clyde
2005-06 Huron Margaretta Perkins
2006-07 Huron Perkins Perkins
2007-08 Huron Perkins Clyde, Perkins
2008-09 Huron Margaretta Oak Harbor
2009-10 Huron Perkins Perkins
2010-11 Edison, Huron, Margaretta Clyde Perkins
2011-12 Edison Clyde Edison
2012-13 Huron Clyde

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