Sangamo BioSciences

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Sangamo BioSciences
Industry Biomedicine
Founder Edward O. Lanphier II
Headquarters Richmond, California, USA
Number of employees

Sangamo BioSciences (NASDAQSGMO) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company involved in gene therapy that is researching ways of commercializing Zinc finger nucleases which modify a cell's DNA at an exact location thereby correcting or disrupting a specific gene.

Sangamo BioSciences' lead therapy, SB-728, is a potential functional cure for HIV/AIDS.[1][2][3] SB-728 works by removing some of the immune cells from the patient's blood that HIV attacks. The blood is sent to a lab which applies the SB-728 treatment to the patient's immune cells. The treatment removes the protein gateway on the immune cells that HIV needs to infect.[4] The treated cells are then infused back into the patient whereby they reproduce and take over as HIV attacks and kills the non-treated cells. The treated, resistant cells thereby control the HIV infection and thus cures the patient from opportunistic infections that result from HIV.[5] Recent published data further support the company's ongoing progress which has been described as "a major step toward immunological functional control of HIV."[6][7]


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