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For the Bodhisattva sometimes named Sangharama, see Guan Yu

Sangharama (सँघाराम) is a Sanskrit word meaning "temple" or "monastery", the place, including its garden or grove, where dwells the Buddhist monastic community (Sangha). A famous sangharama was that of Kukkutarama in Pataliputra. The Kukkutura sangharama was later destroyed and its monks killed by Pushyamitra Sunga, according to the 2nd century CE Ashokavadana.

"Then King Pushyamitra equipped a fourfold army, and intending to destroy the Buddhist religion, he went to the Kukkutarama. (...) Pushyamitra therefore destroyed the sangharama, killed the monks there, and departed." Ashokavadana, 133, trans. John Strong.