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Sangikyo Corporation
Type Private
Industry Telecommunications, IT Engineering, Consultant, Wireless Development, Mobile Development, Staffing, Field Testing
Founded April 1st, 1965
Headquarters Yokohama, Japan (Main Headquarters)
Key people Michiyasu "Mitch" Sengoku, President & CEO and Chairman of the Board, Rikio Maruta, Senior Executive Vice President and Board Vice Chair
Products Cyber Manual, NetimizerXP, PFV-THINREBORN, Wireless Setup and Regulation Tools
Revenue Increase 11.1 billion YEN (2007)
Employees 800 (2007)

Company Overview[edit]

Sangikyo Corporation (株式会社 三技協 Sangikyō Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japan-based company that specializes in many areas such as IT/Telecom Consultation, Wireless Networking Solutions and Technology Field Testing. Sangikyo also works with wireless, cellular, optics, and computer networking technology.

Sangikyo Corporation has been a major provider of services to companies in the Telecommunication and IT Industry such as NTT, NEC, Sony, Vodafone, Motorola, KDDI, Hitachi, but also maintains relations with companies overseas like Sprint Nextel or Extricom.

Sangikyo was awarded the "IT Executive Management Award" in 2006 and was regarded as the best Japanese company within the IT Management Support Force which is a promotional program organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.[citation needed] They have been recognized for their "Business Openness" and end-user satisfaction level management.[citation needed] Although the company is relatively small, Sangikyo Corporation continues to be successful with their extremely efficient business infrastructure which includes a much more westernized business working environment in comparison to most Japanese companies today.[citation needed]

Sangikyo Corporation Products[edit]

Sangikyo Corporation uses their key product known as the Cyber Manual, to manage corporate information and centralize all[dubious ] gathered knowledge. It allows for all staff to conveniently access information for discussion, sharing of ideas, and collaboration towards building a solution. The Cyber Manual keeps track of productivity and the progress of every individual employee on a daily basis. This "public" database can be accessed at anytime from any location.

Other key products in use by Sangikyo Corporation is their PlatformV THINREBORN technology. This Thin client technology replaces the harddrive with a wireless transmitter that acts as a dummy hard drive to turn any computer into a terminal. Increased levels of productivity are achieved with this technology since it reduces cost of computer parts and upkeep due to the removal of the Hard Drive, RAM, and CPU. Sangikyo Corporation currently uses this technology in all desktop, laptops, and PDAs issued to their employees allowing them to access work files and applications at their convenience.

All products and technology such as the Cyber Manual, the PlatformV THINREBORN technology, or other such related products have been specially designed and created by Sangikyo's Technology Development Department.

Sangikyo Corporation Branches[edit]

Sangikyo Corporation has many branches aside from their main headquarters located in Yokohama, Japan. They also have branches in Tokyo, Shinagawa, Osaka, Shanghai, and the UK.


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