Sanity Stomp

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Sanity Stomp
Studio album by Kevin Coyne
Released 1980
Genre Rock
Label Virgin Records
Producer Kevin Coyne and Paul Wickens
Kevin Coyne chronology
Bursting Bubbles
Sanity Stomp
The Dandelion Years

Sanity Stomp is a double studio LP by the rock artist Kevin Coyne which was released in 1980.

Of this album Coyne himself said:

"I was quite ill when I made that record, as a matter of fact; I was quite mad, basically. That’s why it’s called Sanity Stomp. I had a nervous breakdown and, ironically, I don’t want to say ironically...amazingly...I was able to carry on making records. That’s a record I made when I was clinically ninety-five per cent nuts, and the themes are rather odd, but somehow it comes out as sounding all right. I’m amazed."[1]

Disk 1[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fat Man”
  2. “The Monkey Man”
  3. “How Strange”
  4. “Somewhere In My Mind”
  5. “When (See You Again?)”
  1. “Taking On The World”
  2. “No Romance”
  3. “Too Dark (One For The Hero)”
  4. “Admit You're Wrong”
  5. “Formula Eyes”


  • Kevin Coyne - vocals


(Fox, Jennings, Ruffy and Barnacle were all members of The Ruts)

  • Producer: Paul Wickens
  • Engineer: David Hunt at Berry Street Studios

Disk 2[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. “New Motorway”
  2. “A Loving Hand”
  3. “Fear Of Breathing”
  4. “In Silence”
  5. “Taking On The Bowers”
  1. “Wonderful Wilderness”
  2. “My Wife Says”
  3. “The World Speaks”
  4. “You Can't Kill Us”


  • Kevin Coyne – guitar, keyboards and vocals
  • Brian Godding – electric guitar and keyboards
  • Robert Wyatt – drums and keyboards
  • Bob Ward – second guitar
  • Producer: Kevin Coyne
  • Engineer: Mike at Alvin
  • Back cover artwork: Robert Coyne


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