Sanjak of Vize

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Sanjak of Vize
Ottoman Turkish: Liva-i Vize
Sanjak of the Ottoman Empire

ca. 1470–1849
Capital Vize
 -  Ottoman conquest ca. 1470
 -  Capital moved to Tekfürtaği 1849
Today part of  Turkey

The Sanjak of Vize (Ottoman Turkish: Sancak-i/Liva-i Vize) was a second-level Ottoman province (sanjak or liva) encompassing the region of Vize in Eastern Thrace.


The town of Vie (Greek Bizye) was part of the remnants of the Byzantine Empire, which fell with the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

The town became the seat of a sanjak as part of the Rumelia Eyalet in the last third of the 15th century,[1] By the mid-17th century, it had come under the Özü Eyalet, after 1812 to the Silistra Eyalet,[2] and by 1846 to the Edirne Eyalet.[3] It was renamed into Sanjak of Tekfürtaği in 1849, after the new capital, Tekfürtaği (mod. Tekirdağ). Vize itself was detached in 1879 and came under the Sanjak of Kırk Kilise.[4]


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