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Sanjay Sonawani
Born (1964-08-14) 14 August 1964 (age 50)
Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Businessman, Author, Critic, Publisher, Actor, producer, Director
Years active 1980–present
Spouse(s) Pushpa Sonwani (1984–present)

Sanjay Sonawani (Hindi: संजय सोनवणी, Marathi: संजय सोनवणी); born 14 August 1964) in Jalgaon, Maharashtra), often known as Mr. Sonawani, is an Indian businessman, author and Marathi literary world, as well as a film producer and film director. Sanjay Sonawani is a Marathi author, writer, critic, and poet. He has penned more than 62 books on different subjects, which include philosophy, fiction, science, and moral values. He has produced and directed two Marathi films and also acted in it. His novel Nitishastra, based on moral values of human life. Sonawani began his career as a journalist in a Hindi daily published from Pune as a crime journalist. Then he moved to the business sector in the late 1980s.

Early life[edit]

Sensitive about social problems, Intelligent Sanjay Sonawani had very poor family background. His Father Devidas Sonawani was a primary teacher at Jalgaon and later in Pune District. His mother is a housewife. His first work "Fituri" was written when he was just eleven years old. Later on he turned to poetry and story writing. While studying in twelfth standard he penned down his first novel "Vikalpa" which later was published in 1991.

Personal life[edit]

Sanjay Sonawani married Pushpa Sonawani in 1989. The Sonawani Couple has two children from their marriage, a son and a daughter named Aniket & Sonal respectively.


He Founded Washington Software Ltd in 1998. His writing career begun at his age of thirteen. His first book was published in 1984. Since then he has penned about 82 books of variety of genres. besides novels he has written on philosophy, history, terrorism and social issues. His contribution to subaltern history is immense. He has written history of Mahar, history of the emergence of the caste system with entirely new perspectives challenging the prevailing theories about the castes in India. His research on the origins of the Vedic religion and its geography and subsequent spread in India is now under publication. His theory that the Shaivait and Vedic religion being distinct in the Hindu society has become the matter of debate in both the societies.

List of works[edit]

Published Work

Suspense Novel

  1. Mrutyurekha
  2. Vishwanath
  3. Asurved (Marathi Novel)
  4. Antim Yudha
  5. Bloody Ireland
  6. Raktarag
  7. Mahadwar
  8. War Time
  9. Parabhav
  10. Apaharan


  1. ...Ani Panipat
  2. Maharaja Yashwantrao Holkar
  3. Waghyache Satya



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