Sanjeev Goyal

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Sanjeev Goyal
Sanjeev Goyal.jpg
Residence Cambridge
Fields Microeconomics
Alma mater

Delhi University
IIM, Ahmedabad

Cornell University
Doctoral advisor David Easley
Doctoral students

Eric de Laat
Klaas Staal
Andrea Galeotti
Marco van der Leij
Willemien Kets
Ana Babus
Alessio D'Ignazio
J. Roberto Parra-Segura
Adrien Vigier
Bryony Reich
Oliver Baetz
James Rutt

Diego Cerdeiro
Known for

Learning and Diffusion
Network Formation

Networks and Markets
Notable awards

National Talent Scholar
Gold Medal, Delhi Univ.
Industrial Scholar IIMA

A.D White Fellow, Cornell

Sanjeev Goyal is Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. He is a pioneer and leading international scholar in the study of social and economic networks. In 2007, Princeton University Press published his book Connections: an introduction to the economics of networks. A Chinese translation was published by Beijing University Press in 2010.

He was a founding co-editor of the journal, Network Science, and the founding Director of the Cambridge-INET Institute.


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