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Sanjrani is a Baloch tribe settled in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoon khowah provinces of Pakistan and also in Afghanistan and Iran.

Sanjrani tribe living in Sindh speak Sindhi, Seraikis , Balochi, PashtooLanguage and Punjabi Language.

They mostly settled in Chagai District Western Sanjrani Agency in Baluchistan (Pakistan) In Sindh Sukkur, Kandhkot Shikarpur Larkana Kashmore Sanghar Shahpur Chakar Rohri Jaggan Khanpur Ghouspur , in Punjab and in Peshawar. Sanjrani Tribe in lod District are indigenous resident from more than four hundred years as ruler of Sanjranis state Chagai.

There are main Nine sub branches of Sanjrani tribe namely Mehrab Khanzai, Lateef Khanzai, sher Muhammad Khanzai, Nawab Khanzai, Sher dill Khanzai, Sallam Khanzai, Ali Khanzai, Sir Gull zai , Behllar zai .

The Chief of chagai belongs to Sanjrani tribe here in Dalbandin in the era of British invasion of India District Chagai was known as western Sanjrani. Although now there are 53,000 Afghan Refugees in Chagai. The Land given to Refugees fro Chief Of Chaghi Sardar Bahadur Ali Ahmad Khan Sanjrani II. The Chief is not only a one Tribe Chief. He is a Chief of 72 Tribes in District Chaghi.

Sanjrani ruled Chagai for more than four hundred years the history of Sanjrani is in the poetry of local singers of every era they ruled. Now the people are giving respect to Sanjrani tribe and accepting their decision on any matters.

The present chief of Chagai and Sardar is Chief of Chaghi Sardar Taj Muhammad Khan Sanjrani II.

Qilla of Sardar Sarfraz Khan Sanjrani ( famous Fighter) is in Chagai.