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Sanjuro Founder Glenn Delikan

Sanjuro is a hybrid martial art, fusing elements of a variety of martial arts styles, sparring, and dance[1]


The use of the name Sanjuro is a reference to the iconic film by Akira Kurosawa.


Sanjuro classes are taught in mixed ability groups, both formal grading and uniform optional.[2] DanceCombat classes are also run, offering an emphasis on form, fitness, and flexibility.[1]

The Sanjuro grading system is externally validated by AQA.

Sanjuro and Special Educational Needs[edit]

Sanjuro Martial Arts training is employed in teaching children and adults with a range of special educational needs and disabilities,[3] including partial sight and blindness, autism, and a variety of other physical and learning difficulties.[4][5]

In the BBC Two programme, Life: Karate Kids, three disabled students of Sanjuro are featured learning the martial art as a technique to gain better control of their bodies.[6] The documentary, narrated by David Tennant[7] was nominated in Children's: Factual section of the Bafta Awards in 2010[8] It was made by double BAFTA nominated film maker John Walsh.

In September 2013, Jackie Chan's charity, The Dragon's Heart Foundation, funded a 12 month programme in Tottenham, London,[9] citing Sanjuro's emphasis on encouraging confidence and safety above violence.


Sanjuro is practiced by a number of actors and other professionals in the creative sector including:

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  • [2] Official website for Sanjuro Martial Arts
  • [2] UK and European Arm of Jackie Chan's Dragon's Heart Charity Foundation